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As some of you know, I am currently finishing up issue #1 of a project that has been on my mind and heart for the past 30 years, and I have at least 6 issues planned for the first story arc. Please bear with me as I am also the writer, penciller, inker, digital colorist, letterer, editor and publisher of said project. In the coming year I hope to place my work in comic book stores across the country and maybe the world telling the story of a character that not only epitomizes the definition of the word valiant, but brings out those same characteristics in the supporting cast of characters as well. In a small synopsis:

20 years ago, earth lost 3 brave astronauts to the void of deep space testing the first warp engine prototype, and now, with an alien evil crawling unseen under the skin of humanity that has laid waste to civilizations on multiple worlds across the galaxy, a lone warrior has arrived from those same dark reaches of the cosmos. Half alien, half human.....THE VALIANT!! The only surviving member of his race sworn to obliterate the menace known only as Horak (THE VALIANT copyright 2019 Sketchbook Comics, Scott Hamilton Davis and Davisstudio1 all rights reserved)

The colors are almost finished and lettering soon after, and I hope you will join me on this journey because so far it's been a helluva lot of fun. Stay tuned for Kickstarter information as well, but until then in all VALIANT!