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A Long Time Ago...


My artistic journey started actually as soon as I could hold a pencil and not make my mom mad by drawing on my bedroom walls, but I digress. Isn't that exactly what the ancient egyptians did to the bedroom walls of the pharaoh's pyramids? 

Anyway, my father was an artist and left his work out on the drafting board, and I, of course, attempted to emulate it. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but the seeds were planted.

Over the next 45 years, with the ups and downs of life, I was inspired by the greats in the comic book industry and the fantasy art genres to forge my own path, to create anything and everything that my mind could imagine.

This is my love in life, and I hope by sharing it with you that you will see that in my art or see some of my art in you.

And on the plus side, if you buy my art.....I can pay the rent ;)

(Eating is nice too....just saying)

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